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Crown Deluxe International Business Co. Policy

Rules and Regulations

These Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) are adopted to prescribe guidelines, procedures and code of conducts ethics standard binds all independent distributors of Crown Deluxe International Business Company to include all of its branches and employees.

Membership and Marketing

Section I:

The entire independent distributor is strictly advice and observes the following: and any individual person who purchased our product package and is rewarded with benefits of the company products and many more.

Section II:

Any applicant of legal age (18 years and above) may apply/join and become a member of Crown Deluxe International Business company, his/her own business network. But strictly advised Minors should be represented by either parent or in their absence, by legal guardian. For purposes of registration of minors, parental consent or guardian's consent as the case may be) shall be presented upon application for membership ( as Independent distributor) Whose name and signature appears the membership form, do hereby for the privilege of buying and selling, marketing, and at the suggested retail price the products of Crown Deluxe international company. Being an independent Distributor and shall be attending a business presentation and voluntary purchase a membership product package and other services.

Article #2

Section I:

All sponsor shall mandatory Refund and only if the sales are not reported to the company and not encoded in the company system.

Section II:

All Independent Distributor are strictly enjoined to deal honestly with their fellow distributors. They shall refrain from committing any of the following acts.

Section III:

All products can be returned if validated incomplete, has manufacturing defect, or expired within 6 days from the date of purchase.

Section IV:

Independent Distributor’s, Loading outlets, Loading Center’s and Branches should strictly follow suggested retail price of the company product.

Section V:

Independent Distributor shall conduct themselves with a sense of quality and fairness toward their fellow distributors by proper observance.

Code of Ethics

a. I shall treat my down lines, coaches, cross lines, associates, foremost respect and shall earn my respect by respecting others.

b. I can maintain a positive attitude, mindset in my pursuit of absolute freedom to success.

c. I shall not make any negative remarks against the company image, its Products, its Marketing plan, its Management, Coaches, and Associates to our Competitors.

d. I shall not make negative remarks about the Crown Deluxe international company using the internet, phones, Facebook, email and other online related instruments.

e. I shall not recruit/encourage my co-members (coaches) to other marketing company.

f. I voluntary agree and not encourage my co distributors to open an account under my groups.

g. I shall not perform such unethical and illegal acts etc.

h. I shall continuously maintain the highest and greatness level of professionalism and give 100% satisfaction from my individual client’s investor’s etc.

i. I shall always be truthful, as only the truth allows us to achieve the greatness success thru my excellent leadership.

Account Security

All Membership account shall have authorization to transfer, if the account holder dies or hArticle No. 5 (Penalties)ad been permanently disabled; rights for the said account will only be transferred to the legal heirs or to a beneficiary.


a. All Distributors’ cannot sell their personal account, or any account under their groups whose is not active member. Distributor must not oversell our services by discussing false claims.

b. Distributor must explain clearly and coherently all the aspects of our business opportunity in a good manner including the mode of payments. One must not misadvise or cheat clients.

c. The company prohibits all the members using its name and logo in doing other business or personal purposes not related in any with the company compensation plan. The company has the right to give corresponding penalty and to file for legal action.

d.All Distributor sponsoring co-members to other MLM company is an offense and sign of disrespect. The penalty may fall under suspension and termination depending on the severity and consequence of act/offense.


All new members and coaches shall pay directly on the office or on the designated company bank accounts assisted by their sponsors. In case the applicant handed the payment to their coach or Upline because of trust, time element and or the applicant is living in a remote area, the sponsor must remit the exact amount as soon as possible and shall assist the new member until the arrival of his/her products. In the event of unavoidable delays due to bad weather conditions, emergencies, accidents or other valid reasons, payment must be remitted within 5 days. Any member failing to submit payment until the said deadline and using the money shall fall under grave offense, and damaging the company is subject to capture & terminated and charged.

a. Fifteen days suspension of accounts and without corresponding forfeiture of all sales commission, privileges and other remunerations whether monetary or in kind from service. The suspended Distributor is no longer authorized to sell any products and using company compensation plan. After fifteen days the member shall submit promissory note and promise not to repeat been any violation of company policy.

b. The member do the violations shall permanent deactivate of their accounts and not authorized to sell of any products and service the account terminated shall not be entitled to any rebates of the company. However the member to re-apply as new member may do after 36 months from the time their accounts has been deactivated and submit formal letter to the company.